Bringing Humor in the Classroom

Bringing Humour in the classroom

Humour reflects our joy. And for children as well as adult it is a wonderful way of reducing stress .In today’s hectic and stressful life you and only you can help children to reduce stress and be happy and joyous at school. Encouraging children to see humour in day today’s small thing in life is perhaps the greatest gift that you can give to your students. Humour not only makes the learning fun but also lightens the spirit of the classroom and makes environment stress free. There are lots of small easy to do activities which can be done without any major work by the teachers and which makes your classroom stress free. Here is the list of activities which you can enjoy with your students.

1: Make up a silly rhyme:

While talking with children do rhyming conversation .This will not only bring smile on your student but will also bring phonological awareness to hear and distinguish the sound of the language. This will support your English language study..For example: I just finished my breakfast wake fast…,At lunch I drank a glass of juice caboose”

2: Try Tongue twister:

This the one activity which is likes by all age children from preschooler to high school. And it is so contagious that children laugh and laugh over it. There are so many tongue twister for example: saying “Betty bought butter but the butter was bitter so Betty bought more butter to make the bitter butter better” And then saying it as fast as you can. You can use this activity for after lunch class and all your sleepy children will be laughing out loud and then you can start your science teaching.

3 Be Absurd:

Offer impossible answer to questions:”What time is Lunch today?” “ At 10 past the spaceship” The absurdity of the response will tickle your student and whenever you will enter the class they will be ready with their question for laughing out loud with your answer.

4: Replace key words in familiar songs:

This works pretty well with young children. Sing “ Twinkle Twinkle little car” and see what happens. Invite children to make up new lyrics to entertain you and their classmate. You can also used famous poems and change some words in it for example “ And mile to go before are sip Mile to go before I sip” This will not only bring laugh but also saws children the power of words and why poet have use only that particular word in his/her poem.

5: Read aloud humorous children’s book

Read funny books like “If you give mouse a cookie” or Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Ian Thomas .Don’t let the pigeon Drive the Bus By Mo Willems or the pun filled Mr,Putney’s Quacking Dog By Jon Agee will have children rolling in the laughter.

6 : Model humour by adding drama :

Wear a funny hat , become a character from history  and enter the class. Your children will never forget learning that chapter. Let children do pretend play while learning new concept .Children will enjoy your antics and want to tey their own.

7 : Have a silly face contest:

Provide mirrors so children can see themselves. Encourage children to describe their silly faces.

8: Fill a hula hoop

This activity works  well with preschoolers but  can also be played with older children  adding new twist to it.. Challenge children to stand inside one hula hoop then lift the hoop over their heads, How many does it take to fill a hoop. For older children you can play a game with newspaper keep folding the newspaper and see how many can stand at a time

9: Sing funny songs:

This always works with all age group children. Make up song for each  transition activity children respond well to song then to your instruction.

10: Let Children see you laughing…and remember to laugh at yourself:

Be a role model .When children see you laughing they get massage that laughter is appreciated and valued. The average preschoolers laugh 400 times a day, the average adult only 15 times. It’s time to start catching up- and set a positive humour example, so keep smiling.





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